1) How do I pay to advertise my business on aurorabusinesdirectory.com?
We accept Paypal only. You can use a credit or debit card as part of the Paypal payment process

2) Can I contact you and request a special advertising deal?
If you wish to place a banner at the top, bottom or within our directory, you can email us using the contact us page and we can discuss
a tailored advertising option with you.

3) Can I change my business listing after I’ve submitted it?
Yes, you have full access to your listing/s and can make changes at any time. If you change location, phone number, ownership etc, you can update your listing to reflect the changes.

4) I only want to pay for a featured listing for 1 month, is that possible?
To get the best exposure for your business we offer 1 year packages, but if you wish to have a category or homepage featured listing for a
shorter period, please feel free to contact us and discuss a tailored package.

5) Can I list in more than one category?
You can list in as many categories as you wish, but you will need to purchase a separate listing package for each category

6) Do you allow home businesses to list on auroirashoppingdirectory.com?
We believe all businesses need to be found, so yes we accept home business listings.

7) My business is online only, can I still list on aurorashoppingdirectory.com?
As long as you clarify that the business is online only, and you deliver to; or provide service to, residents of Aurora Colorado, then we will accept your listing.